Company Information

Name of Company
Establishment date
January 20, 2014
80 million yen
Mitsuo Mito
【Head office】 101-0021 Tokyo Chiyoda Ku Sotokanda 4-5-4 Kamematsu bld
TEL : 03-3255-1145
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【Phòng kinh doanh】
101-0021 Tokyo Chiyoda Ku Sotokanda 4-6-1 Shioda Tu-ru Akihabara Bld 6F
TEL : 03-3255-6631
Number of employees
40 (April 1, 2018)
Cooperative bank
MIZUHO Bank UENO branch, The Shoko Chukin Bank UENO branch
Description of business
: Stationery, groceries and other planning, design, manufacturing and marketing
: proposal, design, manufacture and sale of promotional products
: talent dispatch industry
: bonito dried and other import, sales
: sales of conditioning noodles ""

To provide information about manpower business

The Act on Securing Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Protection of Dispatched Workers (Worker Dispatching Act) has been revised, and provision of information on the following contents is mandated pursuant to Article 23.5.
Number of contract staffs
241 people (average per day)
Number of client companies
26 companies (Number of establishments per business year)
Fee for contract staff
¥ 15,708 (8 hours per day)
Wage of contract staff
¥ 10,956 (8 hours per day)
Margin rate*
Matters concerning education and training
Before start to work, you will take education on personal information protection, information security and safety and health.
Other welfare programs
For those who work as a contract staff, you can join health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance. (It may not be possible to join depending on employment conditions)
General Worker Dispatching Undertakings
Date of the permission:April 1, 2014
Permission number: HA13-305532
Charged Employment Placement Businesses
Date of the permission:July 1, 2014
Permission number :13-YU-306595
*Margin rate = (average of fees for contract staff - average of wages of contract staff) ÷average of fees for contract staff
Margin is calculated only for social insurance premiums and wages, which are expenses for health insurance, welfare pension, labor insurance covered by the company as a recruitment company.