Strength of Nissey Products Company

  • Large variety of human resources

    Our contract staffs are from various countries including Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, China, and so on. In addition, the supervisors of each country whole heartedly support smooth communication with them. We are setting up an environment where both client companies and contract staffs can work in confidence.
  • A robust follow-up system

    At Nissey Products Co., Ltd, for a would-be hire, from the job interview to the first day of work, to regular follow-ups later on, only one of our supervisor takes in-charge of the entire process. Ultimately, this liaison safeguards against mismatches and helps to create a stable environment for hiring and dispatching.
  • High Premium on Compliance

    In this difficult time in the labor market, our contract staff who satisfy legal requirements are given social insurance benefits. We boast of 100% participation in the system. Even at these hard economic times, strict compliance with Law, Social Insurance and Labor Laws, among others, is an integral part of our business.
  • The idea of ‘connection with people’

    Nissey Products Co., Ltd has reached one conclusion while engaged in the recruitment businesses "connection with people is the most important". We have worked with many staffs so far. While working with them, we are deeply aware of the importance of changing various feelings that we feel by working together, to good ones for today and tomorrow. A sure step for growing together is to keep practicing on a daily basis steadily, keeping the environment where we can understand each other well, keep improving, and strengthen mutual ties.